Discount Postage Rates

Saving money on direct mail postage rates

One of the first places we look when reducing the cost of a direct mail campaign is the cost of postage.

Royal Mail offer a huge range of discounted postal services. Centreprint are here to help you to choose the most appropriate and cost effective postal service.

Reducing Royal Mail postage costs often requires the mail to be pre-sorted and produced to strict guidelines which allow the mail to be read easily and quickly by their sorting machines.

Using sophisticated software with our own tried and tested quality control methods, Centreprint consistently achieve the standards required to earn the maximum Royal Mail discounts available.

All Royal Mail postage costs are charged at cost. We don't make a profit on postage so you can be sure that we are passing on the full Royal Mail discounts to you.

Take a look at some of the UK postage rates on offer:

Mailing Quantity Mail Service First Class Second Class Economy
500-999 letters Business Mail (Unsorted OCR) 46p 30p n/a
250-999 Large Letters (<100g) Business Mail 81.8p 64.9p n/a
1000-3999 Letters Advertising Mail Unsorted 45.4p 27.4p n/a
1000+ Large Letters Advertising Mail Low Sort OCR 58.7p 32.8p 28.3p
4000+ letters Advertising Mail Low Sort OCR 41.3p 22.2p 19.9p
4000+ mailing cards Advertising Mail Low Sort Barcode 42p 22.6p 20.15p

Prices are valid from 3rd January 2017

For mailings of 4000 items or maore, please call CPM on 01902 402693 (office hours) for advice as we may be able to make further savings using Downstream Access (DSA).

To discuss the cost of your next direct mail campaign and how we provide easy access Royal Mail discounts, call now on 01902 402693.