Mail Merge and Personalisation

Up to the minute VDP software and high speed colour, mono and inkjet printing technology enable us to take mail merge and personalisation challenges off your mind.

Colour Laser Personalisation

Use the information held in your database to its full potential. Variable Data Printing (VDP) can be as simple as a different coloured background for female recipients to male recipients. Or maybe a different product shot or offer depending on what that particular buyer orders most often. There is huge potential to increase response rates and ROI using Variable Data Printing.

Colour Variable Data Printing is most cost effective for mailings of 2000 items or less.

Mono Laser Personalisation

Lower cost than colour variable data printing, mono laser personalisation is most often used to overprint a variable name, address and salutation onto a preprinted mailing letter for volumes of 2000 or more.

Further information can be included in the variable data print run such as variable contact details (for multi-site organisations), variable paragraphs in the letter copy and much more.

For mailings of 2000 or more, we recommend printing a non-variable colour letter and then overprinting the variable data in black only to keep costs down but maintain the impact of colour.

Inkjet Personalisation

For sending quarterly brochures to an existing customer base, or where the recipient is expecting to receive the communication from you, Inkjet printing the address directly onto the envelope and removing the need for a personalised letter can save cost.

Mailing cards are an effective way of introducing your company or a new product or service as they don’t require the recipient to open an envelope to see your creative. Inkjet printing is used to print the addresses onto mailing cards for higher volumes to keep costs down.

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